Depop Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

David Curry

Updated: November 8, 2023

Depop is a social ecommerce website that is primarily used by people selling worn, vintage or repurposed clothing. It has built out a loyal customer-base of 18 to 26 year olds in the UK and US.

Launched in Italian startup incubator H-farm by Simon Beckerman, Depop became successful through word of mouth. Its first break was in the UK, with vintage clothing stores already experiencing higher interest than ever before.

Depop designed its app to be an Instagram for shopping, with an emphasis on high-quality photos of people wearing the item. This spawned a new type of influencer seller, alongside “side-hustlers” who buy cheap items at thrift stores and sell them at higher prices on Depop.

Even though Depop has grown into a cultural phenomenon in some corners, it is rather unknown or unused by those over 35. Depop proudly states that 90 percent of its active users are under 26.

It has also only made headway in the Australia, Italy, the UK and US, with the last two countries responsible for about 70% of downloads in 2020 and 2021.

In 2021, Depop was acquired by Etsy for $1.6 billion. In some ways, Etsy shares a lot of DNA with the Depop community, in terms of the focus on unique, vintage or handmade items, and having sellers that aren’t on other platforms.

We have collected data and statistics on Depop. Read on below to find out more.

Depop key statistics

  • Depop’s revenue and gross merchandise sales increased rapidly during the pandemic, but have declined in 2021 and 2022
  • Over 35 million people have signed-up to Depop
  • It has 3.1 million active buyers and 1.8 million active sellers

Depop overview

TitleTitle 2
Launch dateMarch 2011
HQLondon, United Kingdom
PeopleMaria Raga (CEO), Francois Callens (COO), Simon Beckerman (founder)
Business typeSubsidiary

Depop revenue

Depop generated approximately $85 million revenue in 2022, reversing a decline in revenue reported in 2021.

Depop annual revenue 2019 to 2022 ($mm)

YearRevenue ($mm)

Sources: Etsy, WSJ

Depop GMS

Depop managed $552 million gross merchandise sales, higher than 2021 but lower than the $650 million it made in 2020.

Depop annual gross merchandize sales 2019 to 2022 ($mm)

YearGross Merchandise Sales ($mm)

Sources: Etsy, WSJ

Depop users

Depop had 3.1 million active buyers in 2022. This figure has declined for two years in a row.

Depop annual users 2019 to 2022 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Note: These are active users. Source: Etsy 

Depop registered users

Depop reached 35 million registered users in 2022. It added 13 million users in 2020.

Depop annual registered users 2018 to 2021 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Source: Company data

Depop sellers

Depop had 1.8 million active sellers on the platform, most of which are also active buyers.

Depop annual sellers 2019 to 2021 (mm)

YearSellers (mm)

Source: WSJ 

Depop FAQ

What are Depop’s age demographics?

90% of Depop’s active users are under the age of 26

How many times has Depop’s app been downloaded?

Depop’s app has been downloaded approximately 35 million times (Appfigures)

Where is Depop most popular?

Depop is most popular in the US and UK, followed by Australia and Italy

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